Our first responsibility is to the entrepreneurs who join our accelerator. We provide a nurturing environment which helps them grow their ideas into global businesses.

We believe ingenuity supported by expertise and teamwork generates exceptionally high value, in excess of what the relation between risk and reward would predict.

We believe that the exceptionally high returns amply reward both the entrepreneurs and the investors, while benefiting all the mankind through economic growth and technological progress.

We believe that the last 6,000 years of documented human history show that at each moment in time we had more knowledge than we knew how to use and more opportunities than we were able to take advantage of. This continues to be true today and is the key to disrupting the risk-reward relation and generating exceptional value.

We believe ingenuity enables people to address any challenge in ethical ways, ensuring progress and economical growth happen fairly and sustainably.

Our final responsibility is to the investors who provide the funds needed for our startups to grow and fulfil their potential. They must make a good return on their investments and enjoy the benefits of our approach, which minimizes the risks our startups might face. By being totally committed to the success of our startups we ensure their money are put to good use in the right way.


General Berthelot
Nr. 46, Etaj 3
Bucharest, Romania