If you have a working prototype and you want to develop a global business based on it then Startup Foundry Entrepreneurship Rapid Acceleration (SFERA) is the best program to join.

Having a prototype is great, because it shows your idea works in practice.  Now you need to turn it into a business.  A global business.  This is where we can help because we are a global organization, and we know how to build global business from scratch.

Your initial team would most likely be heavy on the technical side and rather light on the business side.  We have the necessary support services in place, from market research to sales, accounting and recruiting.  That would help you focus on what you’re best at: turning technical ingenuity into value.

We will help you identify your best market segments.  We will support you to turn the prototype into a viable product the clients would want to buy.  We will help you organize your operations in order to grow fast from a handful of people into a business able to function at scale.  You would learn how to iterate quickly based on the feedback you get from real users, how to market your products or services and how to support them.  We will work together with you to build your case to investors and we will introduce you to them.


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